Flooring work

We make sure that your project stands on solid ground and is provided with a strong foundation.


Cement screed, calcium sulphate screed, magnesite screed, mastic asphalt screed, synthetic resin screed, compound screed, screed on a separating layer, floating screed, heated screed, industrial floor with screed, workshop floor with screed, screed flooring for residential areas, floor renovation in old buildings, property-specific selection of screed, dry screed, liquid screed, installation of underfloor heating, footfall sound insulation, etc.

Textile floors

Removal of old floor coverings, substrate preparation, carpet laying, skirting board fitting, repair of textile floors, individual room designs, etc.

Parquet flooring

Individual consultation and selection of parquet flooring, laying, polishing, oiling, waxing and renovation of parquet flooring, restoration of parquet flooring, etc.

Laminate flooring

Consultation, laying plan, removal of old floor coverings, levelling of the substrate, footfall sound insulation, laying laminate flooring, maintenance of laminate flooring, repairs to laminate flooring, etc.

Linoleum flooring

Durable, yet easy to care for: consultation, laying plan, removal of old floor coverings, levelling of the substrate, laying linoleum flooring, joining sheets together, skirting boards, maintenance, etc.

PVC flooring

Professional consultation, individual selection of materials, removal of old floor coverings, preparation of the substrate, planks and rolls, skirting boards, stairs and wet rooms, basic cleaning and initial treatment, etc.