Painting work

We have been specializing in painting work since 1892. We are your partner who understands your concerns perfectly, consider them during project implementation and, if required, will gladly provide you with an extra, because creativity knows no limits.

Interior coatings

From basic coatings to unusual creative techniques, customized and carefully selected color concepts that meet even the strictest special requirements, high quality silicate, dispersion and latex paints that meet environmental standards, etc.

Facade coatings

Renovation and painting of building façades: evaluation of the subsurface condition, façade cleaning, removal of old paint, façade renovation, façade refurbishment, façade coatings, individual color consulting, external wall insulation systems, etc.

Design techniques and plastering techniques

Creative design using high quality filling, glazing and smoothing techniques: stone imitations, wall design with marble effect and real metallic pigments, gold and silver, lime-based smoothing, Venetian wall designs, clay plasters, wiping techniques, natural plasters, plastic wall decorations, etc.