Façade technology

The first impression counts. The façade is the form-giving element of your project and determines the effect on the viewer. We provide you with solutions that meet all creative, building physics and mechanical requirements from static construction and installation, functionality, safety and protection to energy efficiency and design.

Stone façades and plaster

Stone façades and plaster made of mineral binders and synthetic resin plasters according to DIN 18550, exterior plaster without any special requirements, water-resistant exterior plaster, water-repellant exterior plaster, application of one or two layers, special thermal insulation plaster systems, also for brickwork, etc.

Rear-ventilated façade systems

Rear-ventilated façade systems for modern industrial buildings, office buildings, energy-efficient building refurbishment, rear-ventilated façade systems according to standard DIN 18516, according to EN 13119:2007 also as cold façade, exterior wall claddings.