Thermal insulation

We implement your project according to your requirements in a way that is good for the climate, helps to save energy and offers a more pleasant living and working atmosphere.

Basement ceiling insulation

Energy consulting, selection of materials, specific solutions, thermal insulation of the basement ceiling, retrofit basement ceiling insulation, fireproofing of basement ceiling insulation, additional sound insulation, insulation coatings, etc.

Interior insulation

Interior insulation for new buildings, roof insulation from the inside for old buildings, cappilary-active insulation systems, personal consultation, cost planning and scheduling, etc.

External wall insulation systems

Professional solutions for new buildings and refurbishment, whether it be conventional, ecological or with a rear-ventilated façade, using energy-saving, climate-friendly, cost-effective and comfort-enhancing materials and models.

Ceiling insulation

Attic floor insulation, insulation between ceiling joists, suspended ceiling insulation, upper floor ceiling insulation, room ceiling insulation, ceiling insulation in old buildings, ceiling insulation in new buildings.