Stucco work and plastering (color and texture)

For inner values and a classy appearance. We design surfaces in interior rooms and on façades individually, creatively, aesthetically and functionally.

Interior plaster

Precise plastering work: levelling base plaster, decorative plaster or moisture-resistant plaster for basements for greater functionality and a pleasant room atmosphere.

Exterior plaster

Exterior plaster, exterior façade plaster, external wall insulation system, lime plaster, sgraffito, etc.

Stucco work

A classy appearance with ornaments, consoles, figures, stucco moldings, decorative elements and other stucco elements on façades, stucco decorations from façade decorations to ceilings, incl. advice on stucco decorations, manufacture of stucco elements, stucco restoration, stucco elements for ceilings, stucco elements for façades, etc.