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Austria / Switzerland / Czech Republic / Romania / Germany

Otto Hirsch

Managing Director Generally sworn and court-certified expert

T:+43 (0) 664 3405 261

"Excellence requires passion and enthusiasm. As fourth-generation Managing Director, I have developed my parents' painting business with perseverance and determination into an international company. I put all my heart into the company and the numerous aid projects that I want to keep launching again and again."

Johann Bogensperger

Managing Director

T:+43 (0) 664 2452 304

"Before Otto Hirsch took me on board as 50% shareholder, I had already been working for him as site manager of large-scale international projects. We are not just united by our enthusiasm for the projects, but also by our conviction that great things can only happen when everyone pulls together."

Vera Hirsch

Assistant to the Management Board

T:+43 (0) 664 1005825

"I have known Otto Hirsch for 22 years, as wife and assistant. He is an incredible personality. Responsibility, expertise, honesty, quality and willingness to help have been the distinguishing features of this company for 130 years. I am proud to carry this name and be part of the team."

Alena Sustova

Assistant to the Management Board

T:+43 (0) 664 8820 8977

"A respectful work environment, opportunities to assume responsibility for complex tasks, appreciation, promotion and support of independent work, an emphasis on the continuous development of expertise and personal development and well-established teamwork are our company's core values. These factors make me successful, and they are the essence of a promising and future-oriented company. Joy and success is what you need on your journey, because the journey is the reward."

Maria Hiegelsberger

Commercial Administrator

T:+43 (0) 664 2528065

"As a team player, I am excited to contribute to the development of a successful company. I value the trusting and appreciative work environment and the opportunity to continue to develop through independent work."

Ion Andone

Site Supervisor

T:+43 (0) 664 8835 4198

"Through the large range of services offered by the company, exciting and diverse challenges await me every day. I love the diversity of tasks using specific tools and technologies. I am proud to make a valuable contribution to the success of the company and to be part of the team."

Andrei Gheorghiev

Site Supervisor

T:+43 (0) 664 8835 4197

"I like to compare the work in our company with the challenges of a mountaineer. A new project is like an unscaled mountain peak. Each stage poses new challenges. The safety net is the structure of the company. We are family. Each challenge is solved together, making every project successful. I look ahead to new peaks and look forward to each new project."

Fadi Alkhoury

Project Manager

T:+43 (0) 664 8820 8975

“At Hirsch International, what matters is not just expertise, but also an understanding of the business as a whole. It is about taking responsibility, delivering quality and excellence, as well as gaining your trust and exceeding your expectations. The customer is king. Hirsch is a construction company guided by values and principles. At Hirsch International, I can learn, discover new things, assume responsibility and go the extra mile – in an international environment.”

Stefan Jakovljevic

Project Management Assistant

T:+43 (0) 699 1075 7054

“I began working in this industry at a young age. I took up my apprenticeship with “Malerei Hirsch”, demonstrating great enthusiasm, skill and commitment for this trade right from the start. This is how I got to know one of the most admirable persons, Mr. Otto Hirsch, who offered me the opportunity to start working for “Hirsch International”. From Day One, I have regarded the company as not just a workplace, but also as my family. I am glad to be able to make a contribution and I am proud to be part of the team.”

Hirsch International

Team Hirsch international


Jacek Urbańczyk

Managing Director of Hirsch International Polska Sp. z o.o.

T:+48 (0) 601 81 81 02

"I joined the company after meeting the owner Mr. Otto Hirsch by coincidence in 1993. I could quickly identify with the values fostered by the family for generations. Since 1996, I have been a shareholder and partner of Hirsch Polska Sp. z.o.o. and have been working in accordance with the principles that have been valid since 1892: honesty, commitment, flexibility and quality."

Renata Kosz

Authorized signatory of Hirsch International Polska Sp. z o.o.

T:+48 (0) 605 857 015

"I joined as Assistant to the Management Board in 1999 and could gain comprehensive practical experience and continuously develop through training courses and presentations, both domestically and abroad and with the support of the entire team, so that I was appointed Head of the Management Board Office. Nowadays, I also act as authorized signatory and pass on the traditions and values of the Hirsch company to my team."

Hirsch International

Team Hirsch


Włodzimierz Biedak

Managing Director of Hirsch Katowice Sp. z o.o.

T:+48 (0) 695 762 635

"My motto is: We paint the world in color – using the right colors. I like to design and communicate. In my capacity as Managing Director, not only do I have the opportunity to participate in Polish and European projects, but also to contribute to shaping them."

Katarzyna Imielska-Orzechowska

Authorized signatory Director of Administration and Finance of Hirsch Katowice Sp. z o.o.

T:+48 (0) 661 104 509

"The success of a company is based on the people in a team. The Hirsch company allows me to develop and enhance my skills and gain new experience that inspires me to strive for excellence."

Hirsch International Warshaw

Team Hirsch


Rafał Człapa

Managing Director of Hirsch Warsaw Sp. z o.o.

T:+48 (0) 605 695 749

"Not only do I know what my job at Hirsch is, but also why I work there and what I do it for: passion. A passion to help shape an international company. I have an influence on both the operations of the company and the development of its corporate image."

Roman Zaraś

Authorized signatory of Hirsch Warsaw Sp. z o.o.

T:+48 (0) 603 402 471

"Discipline and responsibility. In our company, we live by these values without losing sight of the company's three most important values: economic efficiency, social responsibility and respect for cultural diversity. Thanks to our company, I get to know people who we can inspire with our commitment and products."